Hull Pottery Company, Its Marks, and Spotting Fakes

The J. They produced stoneware and some art pottery lines. The plant was destroyed by fire in , but rebuilt a couple of years later. In , George Brush became general manager of the pottery. In , J. They produced artware, earthenware and stoneware. Brush Pottery remained in business until

How to Spot Fake McCoy Pottery

The J. McCoy pottery was established in Roseville, Ohio during September At this time there were 12 notable potteries already in operation in the region.

When you are looking at a particular piece of pottery that appeals to you, and the seller says it is a McCoy, or says that it is marked “McCoy”, the first question you.

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How to Estimate the Value of McCoy Pottery

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McCoy Pottery Marks · Clown in Barrel Mark · McCoy Crayon Kids Canister Mark · McCoy Happy Face Mark · McCoy Globe Cookie Jar Mark · McCoy.

This guide provides a method to determine whether a particular piece of pottery that purports to be made by the Nelson McCoy Pottery is authentic, or whether it is a fake or a reproduction. There is a detailed discussion, and many pictures, of fakes and reproductions on the following pages within the website. There are very many fakes and reproductions on the market today. Ebay, for example, has many pieces of pottery on auction every day that are not authentic.

Obviously, it is to sell the piece, but remember that words are cheap. In making your determination you should be aware that there is a big different between the two types of fraudulent pieces. The first is a fake. Fakes are simply pieces that are marked with a certain pottery trademark, but that pottery never made that piece.

What unscrupulous people do in their attempt to defraud buyers is, select a jar of their choice and make a mold of it, with the original mark removed, if any, and replace it with the McCoy mark. The modified mold results in a cookie jar that has a McCoy mark on it. Some unsuspecting buyers assume that the jar is authentic because it marked McCoy.

McCoy Pottery Marks

Antique McCoy pottery items are considered highly collectible. These pottery items are available at all price levels, making them an attractive prospect for collectors of all types. The McCoy Pottery Company has a long and interesting history. The American company was founded in Roseville, Ohio in April Roseville was chosen as the area was rich with clay, and the land was given to the company free of charge in recognition of the employment opportunities and revenue it would bring to the area.

A change of direction took place in when the company responded to consumer interest and began to focus more on the manufacture of decorative items and less on utilitarian wares.

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Figure 1: The images above provide examples of Brush pottery in the later years. Click on any of the pictures for more information it is graphics-intensive and may take awhile to load. Figure 2: Some vases and planters bear the script Brush mark. Figure 4: Many Brush-McCoy planters can be identified by their distinctive unglazed feet. Figure 5: Animal planters in the Brush flesh-colored glaze. Figure 6: Animal planters such as Ferdinand the Bull and the ducks are unmarked, and are still relatively easy to find.

McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society

Link: minton pottery pieces. Van briggle actual marking of the above picture. Van briggle actual marking of street marks. Girlfriends is a new vases, according to the the deep hull pottery pieces at least once, numbers. Dating hull pottery. Find rare and with the dating mccoy pottery marks and other american pottery marks hull pottery can be challenging.

Bilderesultat for Chinese Pottery Marks Identification Antique Dishes, Antique Pottery and Porcelain Marks Roseville Pottery, Weller Pottery, Mccoy Pottery, Antique Glazed and Confused: Majolica Pottery Marks: Minton Date Codes Pottery.

Our focus is to provide an ever-expanding site that will be your first source for obtaining knowledge of these companies and their wares. We are dedicated to the preservation of fact and increased understanding of the manufacturing process, history, and products of Brush-McCoy. This Guide is not intended to be a replacement of existing reference books, but is an accompanying reference that will enhance and expand on this existing information. This Guide is currently has web pages of content.

We’re wishing you a safe, happy and successful year We have changed it’s location! You may want to update the link in your Favorites or Bookmarks. You can get a good look at what’s authentic, and what’s not. Browse through the pottery lines to take a look at new, larger pictures. Every shape which appears in these catalogs has now been indexed in numerical order. Now, for the first time, you will be able to look at a piece of pottery which is marked with a number, and find out if it was a shape produced by Brush that was shown in these Catalogs.

This is a super-comprehensive “guide by numbers” that contains thousands of links to different Brush Catalog Pages. Keep watching this section for more pictures to be added.

McCoy Antique Pottery Identification Tips and History

Hull pottery is a popular collectors item, often imitated. Recognizing genuine pieces of hull pottery is as simple as knowing what marks and finish details to look for. The ability to spot a fake will save time and money and give the assurance of purchasing authentic Hull pottery. Read below for a checklist for all those considering collecting or already enjoying the vast array of Hull pottery on the market.

(affiliate link) Debolt’s Dictionary of American Pottery Marks is another good Much of the Cherokee production is dated as well as marked with “Cherokee” and an Loy-Nel-Art was an early J. W. McCoy pottery line with a standard glaze of.

You will find more info at this link. It is worth noting that many of the websites below have in depth histories, patterns and other valuable information in addition to the marking. These websites will open in their own window or tab. When you are done researching another site, you may just close their window or tab and still be able to explore more of the links here. Belleek marks can be found at Online Belleek Guide , also a wealth of information Site is down.

California State Parks has their relevant makers mark online collection. Canadian Pottery Identifier has a collection of Canadian pottery marks and history. Capodimonte as well other examples of makers marks provided by Arelecchino Antique Shop. Derby Porcelain Marks. Fiesta markings and more at laurelhollowpark.

Franciscan marks and other important information has been presented on the web site of Franciscan Ceramics Archive. George Ohr pottery marks and some helpful info and comparative fakes can be viewed at Old Pottery.


Below we have assembled a listing of the various marks used to identify McCoy Pottery through the years. It is important to note that McCoy did not mark every peice of pottery. Very common mark. Latter ‘s. Used on Cook and Serve lines.

Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company’s earlier marks included the is not always the case, therefore, this is not an accurate way to date some pieces.

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Newcomb College Pottery Marks

If one cornucopia is good, two may be better! Peach-pink was one of the six colors for this double cornucopia produced between The vase came in six colors including Lake Green and was produced between and It came in the popular Sierra Blue as well as this Sea Green in the years between and It is marked hyalyn , identifying a vase made by Frances Moody and her husband after they left Abingdon.

Hibiscus was the inspiration for this large serving dish, and the design consists of five petals and a seed stem.

Majolica Pottery Marks: Minton Date Codes. A look at English, American and Continental Victorian majolica and faience from a historical, aesthetic and.

New cookie jars marked McCoy have been made since the mids. New vases, wall pockets and other shapes marked McCoy have been increasingly common in the secondary market. The new McCoy marks appear not only on copies of McCoy products but on copies of pieces originally made by other collectible potteries such as Shawnee and Hull. One would think using such names as McCoy, Roseville, Watt and others on new products would be illegal, but that’s not the case.

Once a company goes out of business, there is no corporate legal staff to challenge the use of registered trademarks or brand names. If registration of a trade name expires, it can even be relisted under a new owner. This was the case of the Bauer Pottery name which was registered to a new owner in and is now used in reproductions. Unfortunately, this situation makes it difficult for collectors who previously relied on marks to date and authenticate items.

Buyers must keep informed of the latest reproductions and how they differ from the originals. Marks alone are not a reliable test of age for many areas of collectibles. One of the best ways to catch most new pieces marked McCoy is to simply measure a suspected piece.

How to identify collectable British pottery and ceramic factory marks

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